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Can myofunctional therapy help mouth breathing and a gummy smile? Definitely!

Like any other exercise-based treatment program (think of physical therapy for example), it can be applied to a number of health conditions. Which makes it a wonderful methodology for treating problems and symptoms that are related to the mouth, face and tongue. Many of these conditions can have serious consequences, such as sleep apnea for example, which can be really bad news in adults and children. So it pays to work with a qualified therapist.

This is the first in a new 10 part video series where I read emails that are sent to me by real people. Every day, I’m impressed by the emails I get, and I hope that by sharing them, I’ll help to answer some of the many questions that are out there.

This one is from Tammy in Toronto (not her real name). She’s asked about her eight year son who has a gummy smile. This is often a sign of mouth breathing, and can easily be treated with myofunctional therapy. What else can myofunctional therapy do? Click here to read more about it.

Please feel free to send me your own questions here and see if I read your email in my next video.



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