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Is there an age limit for myofunctional therapy? Absolutely not! Like any other exercise-based treatment program, it’s effective for patients of almost any age – think of physical therapy for example. It’s also great at helping a number of health conditions that are all related to the mouth, face and tongue. Many of these conditions can have serious consequences, sleep apnea for example, so it pays to see a qualified therapist. To find out more about myofunctional therapy, click here.

I get a bunch of emails every week from people all over the world asking all kinds of questions about mouth breathing, braces and other orthodontic treatments, tongue-tie and much more. I hope that by sharing these emails, I’ll help to answer some of the many questions that are out there.his is the second in my new 10 part video series where I read emails that are sent to me by real people.

This one is from Matt in Montana (not his real name). He’s asked if he’s too old to get any benefits from myofunctional therapy. As I said above, the short answer is absolutely not, but watch the video to find out more.

I’d love to hear your questions, so please feel free to send them in here and see if I read your email in my next video.


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