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Mouth breathing is one of those health conditions that’s not as well known as it should be. It can actually be a sign of underlying health problems and should be checked by a qualified therapist or doctor. I’m always trying to educate people about mouth breathing because I see so many patients with this condition, which is where my YouTube channel comes in.

Because so many people like my “How to Unblock Your Stuffy Nose in 5 Minutes!” video (as seen here), I’ve decided to make a new one all about mouth breathing – it’s called “Five Easy Steps To Help You Stop Breathing Through Your Mouth!”

Mouth breathing may seem like an easy habit to change – just close your mouth, right?

Unfortunately, for people who struggle with this condition, it’s definitely not that easy. In fact, I get emails from people all over the world asking how they can stop breathing through their mouths. This video offers some helpful hints and tips that can go a long way to changing these habits – it takes focus and some discipline but my patients manage just fine when they work through one of my exercise-based treatment programs.

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