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Writing about myofunctional therapy is something I enjoy a lot because I’m so focused on increasing awareness of the field.

So it was a real pleasure to be asked to contribute to Ask The Dentist, Dr. Mark Burhenne’s amazing website. He asked me to write an article on mouth breathing, specifically from the perspective of parents trying to understand this condition, its potential health implications, and how to treat it.

I’m thrilled to say that this article is now live on the site here. I think Dr. Burhenne’s team has done a great job, and I love the way they’ve laid it out.


Mouth Breathing

There’s a lot to mouth breathing, especially when it comes to children. It can affect them at so many levels, and can even cause problems that will follow them into adulthood. So in the article, I look at:

The terminology of mouth breathing.
Does this condition actually matter that much?
Megan’s story: Seeing a myofunctional therapist for the first time.
What causes an open mouth or mouth breathing habit?
What parents can do to support nasal breathing.

If you’re a parent who’s wondering whether your child has a mouth breathing habit, then click here to read the article, and if you’d like to set up a free 30 minute assessment with me, you can get in touch right here.


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