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I’ve been helping my patients address sleep-related health conditions from the earliest days of my practice. These conditions include sleep apnea and other sleep disordered breathing issues. With a range of myofunctional therapy exercises and other techniques at my disposal, I’ve consistently gotten great results.

As I mentioned in this article, the importance of a good night’s sleep has started to get some major mainstream attention.


Sleeping-coupleThe news media and celebrity authors like Arianna Huffington and Shawn Stevenson have really lifted the profile of sleep health to a new level over the past few years. I’ve seen this trend very clearly in my own practice as the number of patients who need help with sleep-related issues has increased dramatically. So I’ve decided to expand my practice to cater specifically to their unique needs.

Which is why I’ve started Sleep Apnea Therapist.com

I really like the way the site looks, and I’m a big fan of the logo too!

Sleep Apnea Therapist

This new website is intended to serve patients who have any kind of health concern relating to sleep, from obstructive sleep apnea to snoring and teeth grinding. I hope you find it informative and interesting. It outlines much of my approach to helping ease the symptoms of these conditions, and it explains the programs and exercises I use. Here’s an example of one of the exercises I’d prescribe for my sleep patients:


For more information, please feel free to get in touch with me right here. I’d be more than happy to have a chat. And please remember that I work with patients from all over the world.



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