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Late last year, I was introduced to SleepQ+, a new product designed to help people keep their mouth closed at night. As I said in this article, mouth breathing is never a good thing. In fact, the first of my Four Goals of Myofunctional Therapy is helping my patients get back to a nasal breathing pattern.

I always point out that if you breathe through your mouth during the day, you’ll definitely breathe through your mouth at night, so my treatment programs address night-time mouth breathing. Once my patients have improved their tongue posture, lip strength and nasal breathing during the daytime, I know they’ll be capable of breathing through their nose at night. This is why I recommend lip taping or lip gluing to aid the process, and this usually begins around the seventh or eighth therapy session.

Historically, the only option available has been lip taping but SleepQ+ changed all that for me. To find out more, check out the video below:

To find out about the product, you can take a look at the company’s website

At of today, SleepQ+ is only available in Australia and New Zealand, but I’m told that distribution in Canada is happening soon, with the USA to follow, which is good news for my patients!


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