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Not that long ago, people just didn’t seem to talk about tongue-ties. I got the feeling that some of my patients thought I was crazy when I pointed out that they or their kids might be tongue-tied, and this might actually be the root cause of their oral myofunctional issues.


With a few prominent exceptions, doctors and dentists didn’t seem to be all that focused on tongue-ties either. So, much like many other myofunctional therapists, I felt like a voice in the wilderness.

But over the last year or so, things have really changed!

Initially, I noticed a slight increase in the number of patients who were contacting me for advice about a tongue-tie. Doctors and dentists were also slowly referring me more patients for exercises before and after a frenectomy (the procedure to relieve a tongue-tie). But this slow trickle of interest has become a flood.

Now barely a day goes by without someone reaching out to get help specifically for a tongue-tie. And when I mention a tongue-tie to a patient (I screen all my patients for them), it’s no longer a case of me telling them something they’ve never heard of. Somewhere along the way, tongue-ties have become much more mainstream.

This is great news because I think it’s so sad that I meet people who have struggled with the symptoms and limitations of a tongue-tie for their entire lives. I’m often the first one to ever mention it to them. In some cases, decades of misery could have been avoided with a simple and safe procedure.

I have a page about tongue-ties here, but I think it’s time to cover the subject in more detail, so over the next few weeks, I’ll put together a comprehensive article that will hopefully be helpful to my readers.

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