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As I’ve said before on this site, the tongue-tie is becoming mainstream in a big way! A few years ago, few of my patients were looking at a tongue-tie as a component of their oral health, but over the last year or so, awareness of this subject has surged. I’m being contacted every day by patients, parents, and doctors who are now looking to find out more information, and to improve their health by addressing tongue-ties.

I’m trying to increase this growing awareness, and dispel some of the myths around the complicated topic of tongue-ties. So I’ve created an infographic, written articles on my blog like this one, and on sites like Ask The Dentist (click here to read my Tongue Ties: What Parents Need to Know article).

I’ve also been shooting videos about tongue-ties – they’re on my YouTube Channel, and are filled with helpful information related to sleep apnea, mouth breathing, babies and breastfeeding etc. I’ve got more coming including videos on the MTHFR gene that’s connected to tongue-ties, and some about the frenectomy procedure that’s used to release a tongue-tie.

I hope you enjoy them!


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