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“What is a tongue-tie” is a question I’m hearing a lot these days, along with “How do you treat a tongue-tie?”, “Why do I need a frenectomy?” and “Why do I need to do myofunctional therapy exercises after a tongue-tie release?”.

When dealing with new patients, I answer these questions and others like them multiple times a day, pretty much every day. And I’ve tried to answer them in the articles on this website, on other sites, and in the videos on my YouTube channel. But I was very glad to be asked to do a comprehensive Q & A about tongue-ties with Dr. Daniel Lopez D.O.

As you’ll see in the interview linked on this page on Dr. Lopez’s website, we spent almost 50 minutes looking at everything there is to know about the subject. That webpage has some useful links and information, along with shortcuts to specific topics in the video.

Or if you prefer, you can watch it below:



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