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As the field of myofunctional therapy continues to grow, I get contacted by more people every month who want to find out exactly what it is that I do. The number of patients reaching out has increased enormously over the years, but the sheer amount of doctors, dentists, and orthodontists who contact me is also soaring. That’s great news! The more healthcare professionals who know about the field, the better because that mans more patients can get the help they need.

I get asked to speak to speak to dental practices on a regular basis. Sometimes I do it in person, but other times, it’s much easier if I do an online presentation. I recently did a video presentation to a dental practice, and I thought it would be a great idea to take an extract from it and put it on my YouTube channel.

myofunctional therapy exercises

I’ve called it a Crash Course In Myofunctional Therapy because it really does cover a lot of ground in a short time.

What Myofunctional Therapy Information Do I Cover?

Well, the full presentation is over an hour-long, so there I get into substantial amount of detail. In this extract however, I still look at a fair amount of information that will be useful to anyone who is interested in this exciting field.

The subjects covered in the video include:

  1. An overview of myofunctional therapy and the goals of this treatment.
  1. Tongue-ties, tongue-thrusts, mouth breathing, and the connection these symptoms have to the airway.
  1. How myofunctional therapists like me identify these symptoms in our patients.
  1. Who am I and how did I get into myofunctional therapy.
  1. What is myofunctional therapy?
  1. Tongue-tie and tongue thrust.
  1. The airway and why it matters so much!
  1. Sleep apnea and disordered breathing.
  1. Tongue-ties, mouth breathing and sleep apnea.
  1. The role of the tongue in sleep disordered breathing (It’s a huge part of the puzzle!)
  1. Mouth breathing and craniofacial development.
  1. What I’ve done to help prevent myself from getting sleep apnea or other sleep disordered breathing conditions like UARS (Uppers Airway Resistance Syndrome) in the future.

This is a look into what I teach the hygienists, dentists, and other health professionals who take the programs I run through my MyoMentor training institute. I think you’ll find the video really interesting. I hope you enjoy it!


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