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I was happy to appear on the Extreme Health Radio podcast this week. In this interview, Justin and I discussed myofunctional therapy in detail for close to an hour and a half.

I’ve been working on spreading the myofunctional therapy message since I first started working as a myofunctional therapist a decade ago. In those early days, the field was virtually unknown in the wider medical community but I still spoke about it at every opportunity, trying to reach doctors, dentists, orthodontists and other healthcare professionals.

My website and YouTube channel have been part of my strategy to share the myofunctional therapy message since the earliest days of my practice. The YouTube channel in particular has proven to be a useful resource and I’m very proud of it.

Extreme Health Radio Podcast

I have to say that it’s become much easier to reach more people lately. It’s so encouraging to see how much interest has built up around myofunctional therapy over the last few years. Requests to appear on podcasts like the Extreme Health Radio show are starting to come through on a regular basis. That’s great news because the people who are regular listeners to this kind of health-oriented podcast tend to be quite focused on their own health and wellness, so they’re really receptive to what I’m saying. They’re also often the “messengers” as I like to call them. They’re the people who are open to learning and trying new ideas, and they tend to be the early adopters who eagerly share their discoveries with family and friends.

Sharing Is Caring

That kind of grassroots sharing of ideas is always amazing to see. It only takes one person, say an aunt or uncle who hears a podcast about myofunctional therapy to make a difference.

If they understand the connection between mouth breathing and sleep apnea for example, it’s easier for them to recognize this situation in someone in their family. In many cases, it’s family members who first notice symptoms that are often missed by healthcare professionals who aren’t familiar with oral myofunctional disorders and the links to potentially serious health conditions.

I encounter this quite often in my practice. A patient will say that someone in their family or a close friend shared an article or a video about myofunctional therapy that was directly relevant to them or their children. They get in touch and the end result is usually that the right person gets the treatment they need.

Accessing My Extreme Health Radio Podcast

In this interview, we went over subjects including the basics of myofunctional therapy, why mouth breathing is a dysfunctional breathing pattern, the sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing connection, tongue-ties and more.

I’ve embedded the video of the interview below to make it easy to access the episode. I’d also suggest you check out the Extreme Health Radio website. They’ve got a huge amount of helpful information about a range of health-related subjects on the site. I hope you enjoy the interview.


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