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Here are two myofunctional therapy testimonials that I recently  received from patients in my practice. It’s always nice to get feedback from my patients in the form of testimonials – I have a page dedicated to them, but these were so good that I thought I’d highlight them in their own article as examples of how myofunctional therapy can be so beneficial to patients of all ages and across a wide range of health conditions.

The first of these myofunctional therapy testimonials is from one of my patients, a wonderful lady in her late 60’s.

“Amazing!! It’s about time someone discovered and promoted the fact that breathing “correctly” makes such a difference in your “lifelong wellness”.

I’m 67 years old and sure could have used this therapy in my youth or at any time in my life. But as they say: better late than never.

I have gone through two sets of braces (at ages 12 and 30) and my teeth were still moving. I was diagnosed with GERD, sleep apnea, had digestive problems and had really severe colds all the time. Also, just before I found Faceology, I was waking up with a sore throat every day and feeling paranoid as to whether my irritated airways would become a breeding ground for another cold. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I was still very active, so you can imagine how better I could have felt without these handicaps.

After great therapy and hard work: 

Now, I’m sure, my tongue is no longer pushing my teeth out. 

Now, I am sleeping wonderfully, waking without a sore throat and no severe colds (just a sniffle that lasted two days).   

Now, my GERD has nearly disappeared. I think this because:

1) The mucus (from postnasal drip and others) doesn’t dry in my throat but is swallowed in a more liquid state so no clearing  

2)  Some little dietary changes have reduced the acid coming up to irritate my already irritated throat so no clearing.  

Now, all of the above (including learning how to swallow correctly) have contributed to the disappearance my digestive problems.    

Last but not least, the knowledge that I am breathing and swallowing correctly helps me relax and put a positive spin on other things that might be left unsolved due to concentration on teeth, GERD, sleep, digestion etc.   

Myofunctional Therapy Testimonials

All in all, I can’t say enough about Sarah and the good she is doing.  I recommend her and Faceology with maximum stars and more.

Sarah, My father will be 100 this year, so I might still have many years but no matter how long I still have, I will be forever grateful for living my remaining years “better” because of you. Thank you.”

The second myofunctional therapy testimonial below is from a lady in her 30’s. She worked with Megan, one of my amazing myofunctional therapists. It’s such a good feeling to see patients getting great results no matter who they work with at Faceology.

“Since being diagnosed with TMJD, I have struggled with pain for nearly 13 years. The last three years I have devoted to finding relief so that I can be the wife and mother that my husband and children deserve. 

After careful consideration and with the recommendation of my TMJ specialist, I found Megan at Faceology. After seeing countless dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and doctors, I finally can say I have more pain-free days than days filled with pain. 

I can expect several years of treatment with my TMJ specialist to get the expansion of my palates with the A.L.F. appliance, and hopefully the correct bite to give me further relief, but myofunctional therapy has been a true blessing to me.

I highly recommend Megan as she was a joy to work with. Myofunctional therapy truly works, even if the exercises may seem silly or non-effective, stick with it, because they work! 

I can now say with confidence that I have a better range of motion with my tongue, I no longer have a tongue thrust, I rest my tongue on the upper palate comfortably and I am breathing through my nose primarily and also swallowing properly with the tongue on the spot! 

Megan is very knowledgeable and dedicated to her patients and I know, without a doubt, that she cares so much about the success of her patients with their myofunctional therapy.”

I hope you enjoyed reading these myofunctional therapy testimonials and that they help to show just how versatile and effective the therapy is. If you’d like to find out more about working with one of the Faceology team, please feel free to get in touch using our contact form right here.


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