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Welcome to FACEOLOGY! We are your ultimate informational source for learning about Myofunctional Therapy and how it can help you or someone in your family.

So what is orofacial myology??  It is the STUDY and TREATMENT of our facial and oral muscles.  The word can be broken down into oro (mouth) facial (face) myo (muscle) and ology (study). This makes it sound much less complicated.

Myofunctional Therapy is the type of treatment provided through Orofacial Myology. Myofunctional Therapy helps people who have problems associated with tongue thrust, mouth breathing, dysfunctional swallowing, and habits such as thumb sucking.  All of these issues sound very simple, however, they all effect and change the way the structures of the face form and grow.

People with myofunctional problems tend to have longer, flatter faces, narrower palates and smiles, less defined jaw and cheek bones, smaller mandibles, and droopier features in general. Myofunctional Therapy can improve these structures; especially in children because they are still growing. These facial characteristics are caused by low muscle tone and improper muscle resting position and function.

Some people have described Myofunctional Therapy  as “physical therapy for your face”, which makes it a little easier to understand.  However, it is not considered to be physical therapy at all.  Orofacial myology is a specific field with its own specialized type of therapy treatment.

Check out the rest of our website to learn more, and to see if FACEOLOGY can help you with your myofunctional needs!


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