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Oral myofunctional therapy isn’t covered very well by insurance. The field is growing so quickly, and there’s an enormous amount of demand for services but the insurance companies haven’t quite caught up yet.

So what we suggest is that you contact your insurer and get clarity upfront as to what they’ll cover. Please note that the therapy is billed under medical, not dental insurance, and that we aren’t considered in network with any insurance company.

We have some codes you can send to your medical insurance provider to see what they’ll cover, and we’re happy to send those to you if you like.

myofunctional therapy

In most cases, the therapy is an out-of-pocket cost. The one exception is if you have a HSA or FSA account – most plans will recognize and reimburse for myofunctional therapy.

Please note the following:

We won’t be able to generate invoices or Superbills etc. until you’re actually a patient in therapy at the practice.

We’ll supply a Superbill and documentation for you to submit to your insurance company halfway through treatment and at the end of your treatment. We can’t supply these after each session or after the evaluation.

We won’t be able to contact your insurance company directly at any stage of your treatment – we’d love to help but the time and resource demands of this process aren’t something a small practice like ours can sustain. We hope you can understand.