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As some of you may already know, my practice is getting so busy that I’ve had to take on an associate therapist. This has allowed me to offer a new range of more affordable programs to help more people.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to my associate therapist – the lovely Megan Van Noy.

Megan is a graduate of my MyoMentor Mentoring Program. She’s been practicing dental hygiene for five years just outside of Portland, Oregon. In the early stages of her career, her dentist briefly introduced her to myofunctional therapy. Little did she know that five years later, she’d end up being a therapist herself!

After continually working with patients who had more than just “dental hygiene” needs, she wanted to find an avenue that combined oral health and whole-body health. While researching careers that encompassed this holistic approach, she came across an advertisement for MyoMentor.

A couple of years later, everything fell into place and she reached out to me to be a part of the MyoMentor program. I could tell from the first time we chatted that she was passionate about taking the leap towards starting a new career. She’s now working closely with me, as well as building her own practice based out of Portland.

When Megan’s not working, she’s most likely playing softball or volleyball, or running around with her two nephews. She loves being outdoors and travelling. As she put it to me recently, she can’t wait for her next adventure!

 I’m so happy to have Megan on the Faceology Team. To find out more about working with her, feel free to get in touch with me right here.