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Here are some myofunctional therapy testimonials from our patients:

– Sherry

“My 6-year-old daughter just finished her 1-year long mini-myo program with Sarah. The program was extremely helpful. My daughter used to have an open mouth posture and with Sarah’s help and coaching, I’m happy to report that she now keeps her mouth closed most of the time and breaths exclusively through her nose. The exercises were very age appropriate and Sarah had good tips on how to make them fun for a young child. I’ve noticed positive facial changes in my daughter and I’m happy I can take advantage of future growth spurts, being able to be proactive and take steps to correct her posture while she has a lot of growth in her future. On a personal note, Sarah is very patient, kind and caring. She’s knowledgeable and passionate on the topic of myofunctional therapy. I highly recommend her mini-myo program to other parents.”

– Bill (aged 75)

“I’ve tried it all: gadgets to prop open the nasal passages, oral appliances, elastic chinstrap, an inclined bed, and four ENT surgeries. None of those efforts significantly improved my airway. However, two changes have made a significant change to my life. First, following a couple years of trial and error, my sleep doctor and I discovered a Bi-Pap machine that was comfortable and functional. Second, and equally important, is what I’ve learned about improved breathing technique from Sarah Hornsby.

Sarah’s process of inquiry, learning about the unique breathing difficulties of each patient enables her to create a plan that is specific to each client. Her practical tools and techniques are surprisingly effective. For example, temporarily sealing the lips with tape informed me of how dependent I’d become on breathing through my mouth, exacerbating sleep-time breathing difficulties. Understanding the problem enabled me to adapt Sarah’s training methods and substantially reduce dependence on breathing through my mouth.

Over the past year, working with Sarah, I’ve been strengthening the throat, tongue, and mouth muscles that enable breathing. She is an excellent teacher, intuitive, and informed about all aspects of breathing. And unlike those ENT surgeons in my past, Sarah is an excellent listener and is always attentive to the unique circumstances of her clients.”myofunctional therapy

– Anna

“After 3 years of orthodontic treatment, I had my braces taken off only to discover I had a tongue thrust that ruined a lot of the improvements that were made on my smile. My bite didn’t line up and my top teeth began to tilt forward. The orthodontist said the only solution was to get braces and had strong doubts that myofunctional therapy would work. Since having finished all of the sessions with Sarah, I have noticed a great improvement in my breathing and where I put my tongue. I no longer breathe through my mouth, push my teeth with my tongue, or go through the day with my mouth open. I’m so thankful that I met Sarah. She’s kind, caring, and very professional. She tailored my treatment plan specifically for my needs and has given me confidence in my smile. I believe it was worth the time and money for the improvements I made with Sarah’s help. I highly recommend her.”

– Rachel

“Sarah Hornsby’s myofunctional therapy program has had a substantial effect on my life. My orthodontist initially referred me, worried that my treatment might not work since my tongue often pressed against the back of my teeth and would fight against the orthodontia. After 11 therapy sessions with Sarah, I was surprised and delighted by how much I was able to change my habits. Not only did I learn about proper mouth “posture”, but I was also given exercises to enhance muscle strength and make building new habits easier. Today, I experience less jaw pain, spend much more time with my mouth closed and my tongue in proper position, and even breathe better. I highly recommend Sarah’s service to those facing similar issues.”

– Andrew

“I have not had the easiest road when it comes to orthodontia. As many children, I was told to get braces early on in life, when I was 10 years old. Everything went great – I followed all the instructions and was the “perfect” patient. Then I had a my growth spurt and my bottom jaw grew out, giving me a class 3 case that required jaw surgery and braces for the second time when I was 19 years old. Again, everything went great, I healed and had the perfect  bite and wore my retainer as instructed. Flash forward again to current day, I am 27 years old and went for a simple retainer check only to be told my back teeth are no longer touching and I’d need braces AGAIN! To say I was displeased would be an understatement. And this is where my Faceology journey begins…

I decided to get other orthodontic opinions to see if anything could be done to avoid braces. They all suggested braces or Invisalign but one of them said something to me that stuck out…she said my tongue thrust had caused my teeth to move and I needed to keep it up in order for treatment to work. She said I would need myofunctional therapy. So, I googled and checked insurance and found a few things here and there. I finally came across Sarah Hornsby’s YouTube channel which directed me to her website. Bingo. Everything I was trying to research and learn about was right there on her website. I immediately reached out to her and began asking my many questions.

She was quick to respond and suggested a free consultation to go over my questions and concerns in more detail. Soon after, I decided to give it a go – what could I have to lose? I decided to do the full year, 3 phase therapy since my tongue thrust was a bit different because it was affecting my back teeth and not the front ones. Also, living my whole life with this and not having a soft jaw anymore, I knew it would take more work and time to make the correction I’m looking for.

I am currently 9 weeks into my treatment – nearing the end of Phase 1. The exercises that Sarah gives me each week are effective and I am already noticing huge improvement! My tongue is starting to adjust to its new resting spot and even though I have not lost any way, my jaw is defining more with proper use of my facial muscles. I know I have a long way to go, but Sarah is super supportive, a great teacher, and will work with your individual case.

What makes this even more amazing is the fact that Sarah and I live on different sides of the country. We meet via Skype once a week for 20-30 minute sessions in which she checks my progress, teaches me new exercises, and records my progress. After each session, I receive a personalized instructional YouTube video that I can reference throughout the week in case I forget anything.

I highly recommend Sarah Hornsby for myofunctional therapy. I wish this field was more known back when I was a child and I may have been able to avoid all my orthodontic headaches altogether. My jaw may have grown correctly if I was using my mouth and face muscles properly! It really is a life changing choice to do this therapy and has many more benefits that I didn’t even realizeI will probably still need Invisalign to bring my teeth back together again, but at least I know this time that they will stay together with my proper use of all the muscles.

Thank you Sarah for your dedication and treatment with my case!”

– Teresa

“I had a great experience working with Sarah. I was never able to understand why I spoke in such a funny way and I was used to just ignoring it, although it bothered me so much. Sarah helped me to understand my tongue thrust. I never noticed how difficult tongue thrust was making my life. After almost a year of therapy I realized that my face looked better (man! I look cute), my teeth have straightened somehow and my speech sounds great, I’ve even learned how to breath properly.

I love how the therapy improved my life in so many levels.


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