At Faceology, we do more than myofunctional therapy! I’ve taken the latest research and techniques in the oral myofunctional field, and combined them with breathing retraining exercises and myofacial release techniques.

The outcome is a comprehensive treatment approach focused on optimal functionality and long-term success. My patients have experienced life-changing results.


I see all my patients online using Zoom. I’m currently working with patients from 15 different countries. It doesn’t matter what timezone you’re in, we can coordinate your appointments so that you can get the myofunctional therapy treatment you need from the comfort of your own home.

My patients tell me that their health, happiness and appearance improve dramatically after treatment. With an experienced and dedicated therapist, myofunctional therapy will have a huge impact on your life. What’s even better is that the exercises are easy, fun, and don’t take too much time.


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  • “Since having finished all of the sessions with Sarah, I have noticed a great improvement in my breathing and where I put my tongue. I no longer breathe through my mouth, push my teeth with my tongue, or go through the day with my mouth open.

    I’m so thankful that I met Sarah. She’s kind, caring, and very professional. She tailored my treatment plan specifically for my needs and has given me confidence in my smile. I believe it was worth the time and money for the improvements I made with Sarah’s help. I highly recommend her”

  • “I highly recommend Sarah Hornsby for myofunctional therapy. I wish this field was more known back when I was a child and I may have been able to avoid all my orthodontic headaches altogether. My jaw may have grown correctly if I was using my mouth and face muscles properly! It really is a life changing choice to do this therapy and has many more benefits that I didn’t even realize

  • “Sarah Hornsby’s myofunctional therapy program has had a substantial effect on my life. My orthodontist initially referred me, worried that my treatment might not work since my tongue often pressed against the back of my teeth and would fight against the orthodontia. Today, I experience less jaw pain, spend much more time with my mouth closed and my tongue in proper position, and even breathe better. I highly recommend Sarah’s service to those facing similar issues”

  • “I had a great experience working with Sarah. After almost a year of therapy I realized that my face looked better (man! I look cute), my teeth have straightened somehow and my speech sounds great, I’ve even learned how to breath properly.

    I love how the therapy improved my life on so many levels”