Here’s a mouth-breathing discussion I did just a few days ago for Mouth Breathing Awareness Month. I had an amazing chat with health coach Kristen Blake about her experiences with mouth breathing, myofunctional therapy, and her children.

Kristen is a very knowledgeable healthcare practitioner with the unique perspective of a mother who has helped her kids deal with oral myofunctional disorders.

This is definitely one of my favorite chats about myofunctional therapy and the related topics. If you’re going to watch one mouth breathing discussion this year, I’d say this is the one!

Given the sheer range of conditions, symptoms, and factors related to mouth breathing, it’s no surprise that the discussion covered a lot of ground. In addition to the obvious topics, we also looked at:

  • Nutrition and the Keto diet
  • Breathing
  • Scoliosis and myofunctional therapy
  • Sleep and sleep apnea
  • The ALF appliance
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Chiropractics
  • Weston Price

Why Is There A Mouth Breathing Awareness Month?

Mouth Breathing Discussion

Mouth breathing really needs to be a front and center part of any health discussion. It should be a symptom that’s screened for in all children and adults. That’s why I created the Mouth Breathing Awareness Month campaign.

Help me spread the word every day in the month of May!

Share this mouth breathing discussion and any of the other campaign content with family and friends, your dentist, pediatrician, physician and any other health providers that work with you and your family. You really can help make a difference.

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More About Mouth Breathing

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