Mouth taping at night has become a very popular topic lately, but it’s also still controversial. A lot of people wonder why anyone would tape their mouth while they sleep, or if it’s even a safe thing to do.

Mouth taping is actually something that I suggest to a lot of my patients but it’s not necessarily for everyone, and it’s certainly not a panacea for every oral myofunctional symptom or condition. If there’s an underlying structural issue or a deeply entrenched habit, then that needs to be correctly dealt with, but mouth taping is one of the tools that I use in my practice to achieve my Four Goals of Myofunctional Therapy. And it’s a very effective tool, helping to address oral myofunctional issues and related conditions including sleep disordered breathing and sleep apnea, dry mouth and more.

In this video, I’ll go into some detail to explain what I know about taping your mouth – how to do it, why I use it myself, and why use it for the patients in my myofunctional therapy practice.

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