The Myo Munchee is a simple but effective oral appliance that I use a lot in my myofunctional therapy practice, especially when I’m working with younger children. In fact, I supply one to all of the patients in my MiniMyo treatment program, which has been specifically designed for treating children under five years of age.

The Myo Munchee is a great way to exercise the oral muscles. It’s designed to help with nasal breathing and chewing, while assisting facial growth and tooth development. It’s also an excellent way to help address a sucking habit. Younger kids tend to enjoy using it, which is fantastic because patient compliance is so important in any treatment program, and it can be difficult to get children to cooperate and do myofunctional therapy exercises. This is why this appliance is such a useful tool in my practice.

In this video from my YouTube channel, I’ll explain exactly what a Myo Munchee is and how it works.

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